Breaking the busy habit

I’m always in meetings… The pace here is frantic, it’s hard to slow it down…. If we can just get through this next busy patch… How many of these comments sound familiar? We hear them often. Even the best and most effective time management and smart working strategies get wiped [...]

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Fixing the meeting problem

I have back-to-back meetings all day…. My manager has meetings that are double booked… If I say no to meetings then I worry my views won’t be represented Managing our energy and working efficiently are key resilience competencies. However, we hear constant feedback that many people find meetings energy depleting, [...]

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Working from home

Hijacked by the washing machine. Interruptions of another kind. In many of the organisations we work with, there are open plan workspaces, cell phones are always on and emails constantly flow in. As a consequence, many people report being regularly interrupted. These interruptions—sometimes welcome, sometimes unwelcome—can lead to a reduction [...]

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Optimise your energy, and your time

In one of our previous newsletters we looked at solutions to the busyness problem.  How do we best respond to having too much to do and not enough time to do it all? One of the suggestions was to keep track – using some kind of recording system – of where your [...]

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