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We are a team of psychologists, researchers and workplace wellbeing experts. Partnering with Aotearoa New Zealand organisations, we help to improve the mental health and resilience of your people.

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Use our mental health expertise and bi-cultural competence to enhance every level of your business


Get insights into your team’s psychological health. This evidence-based online survey will inform your wellbeing strategy, and provide your people with practical wellbeing resources.


Together we will design an inclusive workplace wellbeing strategy and review your current practices, with ongoing support from our team of organisational psychologists.


Equip your teams and leaders with skills and research-based strategies to spot signs of stress, look after their own and others’ mental health, and promote psychological safety.


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As psychologists and wellbeing experts, we are here to help you improve the work lives of your people. We collaborate with you to put high-quality research into practice, for a happier, more productive workplace.

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Bullying at work – what should you do?

It can be so tricky to respond to bullying, including when it is happening to you and when you witness it happening to others. In these situations, we want to address the problem, but understandably worry about potentially making it worse.


Better ways of managing change when leading a company through acquisition

Let’s imagine a scenario where a medium-sized organisation is going through a change. The company has been acquired by a larger organisation and is currently undergoing the process of integration.


Where does the responsibility lie? Navigating ownership of “wellbeing” between the individual and the organisation

A participant in one of our workshops told us recently, “It’s really hard to work on my wellbeing when I don’t have enough time in the day to get all my work done.” Herein lies the dilemma for many workplaces…


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This book provides a fresh bi-cultural approach to New Zealanders’ wellbeing. Learn new bite-sized strategies for fostering personal, team and whānau wellbeing to make a ripple in your community.


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Check out our free resources developed by our team of psychologists and researchers. There you’ll find strategies for handling stress, uncertainty, remote working, and managing wellbeing.


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Engage one of our inspirational speakers for your conference or team away day. Our presentations and keynotes are often described as a conference highlight.


Dr Dougal Sutherland

On AIR: Newstalk ZB

Dr Dougal Sutherland: Mental Health Awareness Week and the Five Ways to Wellbeing

September 23rd, 2023

Mental Health Awareness Week is upon us, and Dr Dougal Sutherland has five ways to wellbeing to offer, plus some potential work-related activities.

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Dougal Sutherland: What do we mean when we say “wellbeing”?

September 9th, 2023

It’s important to know what you mean so you’re clear on what you’re aiming for. Wellbeing could be defined in at least one of 3 ways…

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Dougal Sutherland: Keeping mentally well in winter

August 26th, 2023

A lot of us get “the blues” during winter or feel a little down – for some people this is a more serious disorder called Seasonal Affective Disorder where periods of depression are strongly linked to winter seasons.

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