Support your employees with specialist advice and easy access to Psychologists, Psychotherapists and Counsellors in a private and confidential environment.

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Tired of the old approach to EAP that lacks impact and doesn’t meet your needs? Workplaces are changing, and so has our approach to EAP.

Umbrella can now provide your people with timely access to mental health and wellbeing support matched to their level of need. We have both counsellors and psychologists available and our network stretches across the country.

How can we help

Anxiety and Depression

Stress, anxiety, grief and depression

Work-related Issues

Workplace stress, conflict, burnout, coping with change

Alcohol and Drug Use

Early intervention for problematic substance use

Relationship Matters

Relationship and family issues, separation, parenting

How we work with organisations

We have an extensive network of over 30 Psychologists, helping improve your people’s access to the therapy they need without being subject to extensive waitlists and delays. Our psychologists are highly experienced and have a specific focus on workplace mental health and wellbeing. Few other organisations in New Zealand can offer this highly sought after service.
Not everyone needs to see a psychologist for their wellbeing. We also offer counselling services where we link employees to an experienced clinician who will listen and support each person in their goals for enhancing their resilience, managing their work and personal lives, and making changes. An integrated suite of resources will support this process.

At Umbrella we know that managers and team leaders are often the first port of call for employees who are experiencing psychological distress, yet often leaders don’t know where to turn. We offer leaders access to our team of psychologists for advice about how best to support employees and what sort of assistance they may need.

As psychologists we know the importance of relationships. That’s why we will meet quarterly with you to give feedback about how things are going, trends we see in your people’s wellbeing, and help you plan and make adjustments to your Enhanced EAP plan as needed.
Because every organisation is different we don’t provide a ‘one size fits all solution’, rather we partner with you to understand your organisational needs, priorities and budget and develop a package that suits you.
At Umbrella we offer a full suite of psychological and wellbeing services, from assessment of wellbeing at both an individual and organisational level to training and workshops to individual psychological support. Partnering with us for Enhanced EAP provides the opportunity for preferential, tailored support to your business or organisation.

What is EAP?

An Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is a workplace benefit that provides confidential and short-term counselling and psychological support services to employees facing personal or work-related challenges. When an employee seeks assistance, they are typically connected with a licensed therapist or counsellor who can help them address their concerns, which may range from stress and mental health issues to substance abuse or family problems. EAPs aim to improve employees’ wellbeing, productivity, and overall job satisfaction while maintaining strict confidentiality to encourage employees to seek help without fear of repercussions.

How do I find out more about EAP in my workplace?

To find out whether you have access to an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) and who your provider is, you can follow these steps:

  • Start by reaching out to your Human Resources department or representative. They should have information about the EAP provider your company works with, if you have one, along with contact details.
  • Review your employee benefits documentation: Check any employee handbooks, brochures, or benefits materials provided by your employer. EAP information is often included in these documents.
  • Visit your company’s intranet or website: Many organisations post EAP information on their internal websites or portals. Look for a section related to employee benefits or wellbeing to find your EAP provider and how to contact them for assistance.
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Can I access Enhanced EAP services as an individual if my company is not an Umbrella Wellbeing client?

At this stage, we only offer support to individuals who are employed with our client organisations. Before contacting the Umbrella team for EAP support as an individual, please make sure you check who your EAP provider is with your employer. To find out more about self-funded support, visit the New Zealand Mental Health Foundation website or find a psychologist on The New Zealand College of Clinical Psychologists directory.

Join our clients who have already made the switch to our Enhanced EAP:

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