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Reduce your cognitive load

One of the joys of a holiday for me is noticing that my brain is less “busy”. It’s easier to be fully involved in an activity or enjoy time with another person without a million and one thoughts competing for attention and memory space. Now that most of us are transitioning back to work and [...]

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Can I change my personality?

A question we often get asked is whether it is possible to actually change one’s personality. This question has interested psychologists for decades, with recent research showing that we are able to shape our personality more than previously thought. Nature or nurture? Our personalities are shaped in part by our genetics – the “nature” [...]

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Back to school

Sleeping in, beach days, backyard cricket, family games’ nights and the smell of sausages on the barbecue - the quintessential Kiwi summer. These long, hot days, coupled with freedom from routine, makes for parents who are more relaxed and kids who are more agreeable. If only we lived in a permanent state of summer holidays! [...]

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We’re not there yet

NZ employees are performing poorly on a range of health behaviours  Almost weekly, we see new research confirming the importance of engaging in a range of health habits, for protecting both our physical and mental wellbeing. We have also seen considerable resources allocated to public health initiatives to promote healthy living, for example to [...]

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