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Forming habits around good financial behaviours

If you’ve ever tried to change a habit, you’ll know it’s not always easy, and changing financial habits is no exception. If the thought of wrangling your finances into order gives you a low-key tension headache, you’re not alone. With close to 60% of New Zealanders admitting to spending [...]

2022-08-04T13:14:43+12:00June 20th, 2022|

Kiwis vs. flu season: How to manage your energy levels at work

Do you remember “back in the old days”, pre-COVID-19, when you (almost always) had enough sick leave to last the whole year? When you would gaze at your remaining sick-leave balance in December and wish it was exchangeable for annual leave because there was just so much of it? [...]

2022-08-04T13:16:22+12:00June 7th, 2022|

How to support people through grief and loss

Various terms such as “grief” and “bereavement” are used in diverse ways – in this article, we refer to “grief” as the emotions we feel in response to loss. These can include painful emotions commonly spoken about in grief, such as anger, sadness, hopelessness, shock, loneliness, despair and emptiness. [...]

2022-06-15T15:11:16+12:00June 3rd, 2022|