Managing tricky people

In March this year we explained some of the current psychological thinking behind why some people can be “tricky” to work with, and to manage. Read the article here: This is an area we are increasingly assisting our clients with. How do we help? We provide both individual psychological treatment for the person who [...]

2016-08-09T09:07:01+12:00August 8th, 2016|

Five simple actions we can do each day to improve well-being

We know we are more likely to keep healthy habits going when they are straightforward and we repeat them often.  A British think-tank - the New Economics Foundation (NEF) - has published a paper which recommends we build five simple actions into our day-to-day lives to improve our well-being.  These actions are summarised from a [...]

2016-05-06T14:08:18+12:00May 6th, 2016|

Enhance productivity and engagement: Detach from work!

It may seem like another piece of cognitive dissonance—to get more engaged and productive, you need to apparently move in the opposite direction and detach from work. A growing number of research studies demonstrate that detaching from work is essential to enhanced productivity.  The work of Sabine Sonnentag (Universität Konstanz in Germany) has also shown that [...]

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