In March this year we explained some of the current psychological thinking behind why some people can be “tricky” to work with, and to manage. Read the article here:

This is an area we are increasingly assisting our clients with. How do we help? We provide both individual psychological treatment for the person who is difficult to manage, as well as consultation and advice for managers.

The consultation work may include how to:

  • unravel complex emotional and behaviour problems
  • formulate effective management and support plans
  • enact and review plans
  • maintain the manager’s (and affected team members’) motivation and wellbeing through the process.

The psychological treatment focuses on helping the person develop a greater awareness of their emotion/behaviour patterns, and learning alternative skills to replace the patterns that are creating difficulties in the workplace.

To arrange a consultation, contact Dr Jane Marshall (027 422 5991) in Wellington and Dr Karen Jones (027 452 6966) in Auckland.