We are shaped by our thoughts

“We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think”. Buddha It is well-known psychological knowledge that our thoughts have a wide sphere of influence. Thoughts hold the power to affect our mood, guide our behaviours and impact on our performance.  Yet, when you pause [...]

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Are you giving your people the right support?

Most managers and people leaders set out with the best intentions, and genuinely want to support their people as well as they can. However, we don’t always get it right, and our potential biases towards the type of support we personally prefer, or which types of support we are more [...]

2020-02-24T14:05:27+13:00August 31st, 2018|

Managing tricky people

In March this year we explained some of the current psychological thinking behind why some people can be “tricky” to work with, and to manage. Read the article here: http://umbrella.org.nz/why-are-some-people-more-difficult-than-others/ This is an area we are increasingly assisting our clients with. How do we help? We provide both individual psychological [...]

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Why are some people more “difficult” than others?

All of us can be difficult sometimes. We have “off” days and times in our lives when things are trickier, and this may on occasion lead us to be less than lovely to people in our lives, including people at work. Keeping that caveat in mind though, some people do [...]

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