Leading High-Performing Teams (Psychological Safety)

While all people in a team have a part to play in creating a culture of high performance, leaders play a crucial role in setting the tone and the conditions for psychological safety

Umbrella’s Leading High-Performing Teams half-day workshop gives leaders the tools, knowledge and practical strategies to foster psychological safety in their teams. When psychological safety is present people offer more innovative and courageous ideas, ask insightful questions, and offer valuable feedback. Psychological safety is the key ingredient in a high-performing team. 

This training has been developed from best-practice research in organisational and positive psychology. The workshops are facilitated by Umbrella’s experienced psychologists who create a safe and supportive environment for learning and trying new ideas. 

Participants will learn how to: 

  • Understand what psychological safety is and why it is so important for a team 
  • Recognise what happens in your brain when you are (or are not) feeling psychologically safe 
  • Use insights from psychological research to learn the best ways to boost psychological safety via:
    • enhancing emotion regulation skills 
    • building trust 
    • developing high quality connections 
    • creating supportive leadership 
    • using values-driven behaviour. 

Training options:

  • Leading High-Performing Teams: half-day workshop for people leaders 
  • Leading High-Performing Teams: An Introduction (for ELTs – by request only)


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