Understanding how personality influences resilience

More and more research is demonstrating that the differences in personality seen between people contribute to a range of health and wellbeing outcomes. These range from how diligent we are at following advice, how engaged we tend to be at work, our satisfaction in and the longevity of our romantic [...]

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Individuals – tailor your resilience strategies to your personality style

In our previous article, we introduced the relationship between three personality styles and resilience―some individuals are naturally resilient, others have personalities with fewer protective factors, and yet others have a moderately protective style and well-developed resilience skills. If you haven’t read it, or want a refresher, you’ll find the [...]

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Living life with purpose

During a month that has brought terror and disbelief to our peaceful shores, we have also witnessed an outpouring of compassion, care, love and determination to change. First responders, members of parliament and local council, religious leaders and community members were all fuelled by their purpose. Living a purposeful [...]

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