Positive Psychology

What Positive Psychology research tells us

Positive psychology is centered on understanding good functioning, 'normal' behaviour and helping people become happier. Here are some of the Positive Psychology research findings of positive psychology to date. Positive Psychology Research Findings Most people are happy. People who are satisfied with life eventually have even more reason to be satisfied, because happiness leads to desirable [...]

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Positive Psychology Excercises

Five Positive Psychology Exercises to Try In our experience, the best way to find out which positive psychology exercises are most effective for you is to try them out. You might want to make some notes about how you feel before and after each one. Sometimes you might notice some immediate benefits, other times you may find [...]

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Human Resources Magazine

Are Productivity and Well-being Mutually Exclusive? Not if you use your brain By Gaynor Parkin, 2014 In this article Gaynor discusses whether we can be highly productive at work without sacrificing our health and well-being. View PDF

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