Positive Psychology

What is psychological therapy?

There are lots of wacky movie images of “therapy”, such as psychoanalysts from Freud’s time talking to people lying on couches, or clients and therapists running off into the sunset together (breaking all rules of professional conduct). Such images can therefore make “therapy” probably not something the average Kiwi [...]

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It’s that time of year – boost your motivation

It’s that time of year when many of us are running out of puff and energy.  Winter has set in and the pace and volume of work aren’t letting up. Ironically, while this is the time we most want to be actively using our recovery and resilience skills, running out [...]

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Research we like – Positive mental health at work

We support organisations that are implementing strategies to reduce mental illness at work and to support employees who suffer from mental ill-health.  In our view, however, such initiatives are simply the starting point. Rather than a focus on risks, promoting positive mental health at work by implementing strategies to strengthen [...]

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Law Talk Magazine Issue 852

Two for One – Using Positive Psychology in Teams Law Talk - Issue 852, 10 Oct 2014 Higher rates of illness including heart disease, depression, anxiety, and substance abuse have been found in the legal eld compared with other professional services (Peterson and Peterson, 2009). Moreover, it seems that these [...]

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