Jasmine Harding

A simple concept we can all benefit from: Watching our thinking

There are times when I’ve wished I could switch my thinking brain off. Unfortunately, I haven’t found such a switch. Humans are a thinking bunch. We literally have thoughts firing off in a matter of milliseconds every day.  At times, it’s easy to get caught up in our mind’s [...]

2021-03-15T11:28:21+13:00March 15th, 2021|

Connecting this Christmas

Christmas time can be really special for some, really tough for others and many other dynamics in between. At Umbrella, we know from our wellbeing assessments with New Zealand organisations that family and personal relationships can be associated with a significant amount of stress for many individuals.  Due to [...]

2020-12-03T12:16:06+13:00November 27th, 2020|

Positive psychology – the power of learned optimism

Clinical psychology has traditionally focused on suffering, misery, conflict and mental illness within humans. As a result, the profession has come under scrutiny! As clinical psychologist Martin Seligman nicely states, “We not only want to focus on taking weeds out of the garden, we also need to cultivate and [...]

2020-08-21T09:29:00+12:00August 12th, 2020|

Supporting your people to thrive in our “new normal”

As New Zealanders adjust to life outside of lockdown, we’ve had a range of conversations with employers and employees around how workplaces will proceed in the "new normal".  For some, where we find ourselves right now is pure bliss – no more being “cooped up” at home, intentionally being [...]

2020-06-15T14:31:59+12:00June 15th, 2020|