Is perfectionism a problem?

Some topics in our work with clients seem to create hearty debate more so than others. One of these topics is perfectionism. As psychologists, we are wary of the negative impacts that holding overly high standards for oneself can have – unnecessary stress, depression, and even underperformance. However, for [...]

2020-02-24T13:56:38+13:00March 30th, 2019|

Faking it on the job – the cost of emotional labour

Maintaining a calm and pleasant demeanour with customers, clients and colleagues can be hard work, and at those times when we don’t feel calm and pleasant, it can be downright exhausting. For many of us, being able to maintain a level of control over who we interact with, and how [...]

2020-02-24T14:00:16+13:00May 30th, 2018|

Dealing with the overwhelm – what’s your style?

How often do you feel overwhelmed? At work? In life? Would it be most days? Every day? All the time?!? How do you respond when you feel overwhelmed? Do you speed up and try to do everything faster? Do you ask for help or let someone know you are feeling [...]

2020-02-24T14:00:56+13:00October 31st, 2017|