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Marketing Lead and Facilitator

MSc in Organisational Psychology
LLB (First Class Honours with Distinction)
Member UKABP

Svetlana Elfimova from Umbrella

Svetlana always has been passionate about how working life can be more fulfilling and meaningful. It took her on a long journey of discovering her professional self and led to diverse and interesting experiences across sectors, that she now brings to Umbrella.

Prior to joining our team, she was leading organisational development and change in a London-based Russian community-focused recruitment company, as well as navigating it through the pandemic. 

She conducted qualitative research in the area of career change, uncovering motivations and reasons for a change. She took insights of her research into individual coaching practice in career and business. This experience helped her to build up a unique skillset and understanding of different organisational settings, and how these impact on employee wellbeing. 

She brings this understanding to her role at Umbrella, where Svetlana manages marketing and engagement strategy, in addition to facilitating resilience training and working alongside the customer relations team. 

She started her career in London in the third sector, and then worked in a large multinational tech company in partner services. She has been involved in freelance event and project management, including for Formula 1, MotoGP, the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, and the Paralympics. She has also worked in broadcasting, supporting film crews in negotiations, translations, data collection, analysis and interviewing processes.

Alongside her main work, she also developed a yoga and meditation teaching practice. It led her to initiate a corporate yoga project in her workplace in 2016, and eventually led to a career change to organisational psychology with a focus on employee wellbeing. 

Svetlana deepened her knowledge about mindfulness and mind-body connections from evidence-based perspectives in her organisational psychology master’s course at the University of London. 

She is a Member of the UK Association for Business Psychologists (ABP), New Zealand Psychological Society and also trained in psychometric assessments and coaching. 

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