Mental Health Awareness week is a special opportunity to start (or continue) conversations about Mental Health in your workplace.  To recognise and support this important dialogue we have put together this page of resources together with a special MHAW@Umbrella overview.

Growth through adversity

Available: face to face or online | Suitable for: All staff

90 minutes. | Fee: $1500 + gst

Max 10 participants | Please enquire for a Webinar price up to 100 participants

2020 has brought disruption and challenges we couldn’t have foreseen. As a result, many of us have experienced a rollercoaster of emotions and reactions. In this session, we discuss common adjustment responses to help make sense of our recent experiences, and we draw on the science of post-traumatic growth and positive psychology to explore how we can connect with what is personally meaningful and motivating to us as we navigate the challenges we now face.

Session objectives:

  1. Understand common reactions to uncertainty and adjustment.
  2. Reflect on important values from this time of disruption.
  3. Compare your priorities with how your time is being spent.
  4. Align your time and energy with what is important to you.
  5. Create an action plan to help you follow up on the session
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How to Create High Performing team through employee wellbeing

Employee wellbeing is critical to your business thriving in today’s COVID-19 climate.  Join us for one of our free 60 minute online sessions when our team of top Clinical Psychologists will unveil the results of new research on employee mental health, wellbeing, and resilience within the workplace.

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Umbrella has developed a series of bite-sized sessions focused on wellbeing and mental health at work.

Overview topics include:

  • Strengthening resilience – an introduction
  • Thriving in the age of accelerations
  • Mental health awareness – an introduction
  • Flourishing, the power of positive psychology
  • Shifting the frantic
  • Building sustainable habits.
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Covid-19 disruptions have presented us all with unique challenges and stressors.  We’ve put together a page of resources and offerings specific to these uncertain times.

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Find out more about how your employees are doing in order to create an informed and measurable wellbeing strategy.

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Reimagine Wellbeing Together
He Tirohanga Anamata

Mental Health Awareness Week
@ Umbrella

21-27 September 2020


Latest research – Hot off the press

How to Create High-Performing Teams Through Employee Wellbeing

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