Clinical Psychologists

Are you a registered clinical psychologist with outstanding group facilitation and training skills?

Umbrella is looking for exceptional clinical psychologists to join our team. We offer a range of tailored programmes designed to enhance the wellbeing of individuals, teams and organisations. Our demand continues to rise, based on our reputation of excellence.

Do you:

  • Engage diverse groups of people quickly, including across demographics?
  • Gain energy from group work?
  • Flexibly and quickly adapt your facilitation style so you can work with a variety of different people and different styles of learning?
  • Enable people to become excited and hopeful about making behaviour changes including their ability to strengthen their resilience at work and in life?
  • Translate the science behind psychological knowledge in an interesting, straightforward and down to earth manner?
  • Exude passion about wellbeing at work and helping people to improve theirs?
  • Work comfortably and confidently in business/corporate environments?

You need to be based in Auckland or Wellington, willing to travel across NZ and internationally. Both full-time and part time positions are available.

For further information or to apply please send us your CV with 3 references. We also want to see a short video clip of yourself talking about any topic that interests you. After all, a moving picture is a worth a thousand words!

Rebecca Dixon
Business Manager


Further information/job description

You must be:

  1. A registered Clinical Psychologist with a minimum of 3 years’ experience – preferably more.
  2. Highly skilled at facilitating group learning.

You will be representing the Umbrella brand and therefore must consistently demonstrate excellence in:

  • Your professional appearance and behaviour,
  • Your psychological knowledge and ability to adapt this knowledge to meet the needs and style of different groups of people.

Our facilitators are highly competent, enthusiastic and receive stand out evaluations. It is important to us to maintain this standard, or we hope you may exceed it and set a new bar in amazing facilitation!

Our training groups are run in very busy and demanding work environments. You need to be able to be flexible, adaptive, and have a good sense of humour, so you can manage unexpected challenges on the day, or a difficult person in the group, or a team that aren’t very keen to attend the training.

You may be running a mental health awareness training with a team of managers who are supporting their people through a stressful change process one day, then strengthening resilience with a group who deal with demanding front line customers the next.

In return for your outstanding performance we will support you with:

  • Interesting, satisfying and enjoyable facilitation work.
  • A warm and supportive team environment.
  • Excellent remuneration and working conditions.
  • Opportunities for professional development and diversifying your psychology skills.

How can we help you?

Robust evidence from academic and business case studies link employee resilience and wellbeing with improved employee engagement, creativity and innovation, talent retention and organisational productivity.
In our experience also we can improve business productivity by strengthening the resilience and wellbeing of employees. We partner with our clients in Auckland and Wellington and NZ-wide to design the most effective programs and demonstrate improved business outcomes for them.