1 in 5 people will experience mental illness this year. Do you want to promote and protect mental health at your work place? We know how.

COVID-19 takes toll on employee mental health and wellbeing

Auckland, Sept 17th, 2020

COVID-19 has created a unique set of emotional challenges in the workplace, an issue employers need effective tools to support and manage. 

Tamara Mapp-Borren, Acting CEO of Umbrella says, “COVID-19 has created a whole new work environment, there are great opportunities within this and a whole new set of challenges.  As organisations pivot their approaches, their employees are navigating both work and community changes as we all focus on ‘staying safe’.  

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The Long Ride Home

Mar 1st, 2020

Todd Hilleard shares his personal experience of personal stress injury (PTSI) and Clinical psychologist Gaynor Parkin explains how regular exposure to suffering, hardship or crises can take its toll on frontline police. Here she provides some proactive strategies for protecting ourselves from trauma and aiding our recovery when we do experience it.

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TVNZ Breakfast

Adaptability in the Workplace

Nov 26th, 2019

As technology redefines how we work, the skills we need to thrive in the workplace are changing too. Clinical Psychologist Gaynor Parkin explains why your ability to adapt is one of the most important skills to have.

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TVNZ Breakfast

How do you avoid toxic people?

Nov 12th, 2019

Clinical Psychologist Gaynor Parkin joined TVNZs Breakfast crew on the show to share some helpful tips.

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North & South Magazine

Working yourself sick? The danger of stress overload

September 23rd, 2019

Stress in the workplace is not only hobbling productivity, it’s seeping into our personal lives and making us sick. Donna Chisholm looks at the causes and hidden costs of chronic stress – and how to lighten the load.

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Engineering NZ

Stress Videos

Aug 19th, 2019

For engineers, stress is part of life and it can help us to perform at our best or meet a deadline. But too much stress impacts mental health, triggering or exacerbating the development of more serious mental health episodes or reducing our resilience levels.

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Stress busting: Occupational psychology, the job that thrives on workplace stress

Sept 18th, 2018

As workers face the anxieties of being replaced by robots and companies risk losing disillusioned, expensive talent, the one industry thriving on these fears is occupational psychology.

The industry studies people in the workplace and has roots in 20th century’s military strategy when leaders were being to lead armies and win wars.

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More workplaces promoting wellbeing for employees

September 5th, 2018

Even the Government is getting on board, with next year’s budget considering wellbeing when it comes to allocating money.

Finance Minister Grant Robertson says looking at wellbeing is important to help deal with complex issues like inequality and climate change.
“We’re not going to be able to face up to those challenges if we’ve got a very narrow approach,” he says.

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New Zealand Listener

Are New Zealanders overworking?

May 30th, 2012

Information overload and increasing demands from employers mean many of us are struggling to cope with the relentless pressures of the job.

He has covered momentous political events and rarked up politicians on all sides of the House but one thing Duncan Garner hasn’t seen is his daughters, aged 9 and 11, play Saturday sport.

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Learn to stay calm and carry on

Nov 1st, 2010

A new strategy that helps workers manage stress and keep their health intact is taking New Zealand by storm.

Clinical psychologist Gaynor Parkin introduced the power of resilience training to the New Zealand public when she and Consumer NZ released the book I’ve had it up to here: From stress to strength two years ago.

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Radio NZ

Gaynor Parkin, on how to deal with stress

January 26th, 2008

Kim Hill interviews Gaynor Parkin about stress in our busy lives and different ways to approach both handling, and talking about stress, mental health and resilience.

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