What interventions will achieve our clients’ desired outcomes? In collaboration with our clients we investigate: What are the existing strengths the organisation wants to further develop? What are the areas for development? How will they know the intervention has been effective – specific outcomes or behaviour change? [...]

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A robust business case We help our clients develop and demonstrate a specific business case for our shared initiative that is aligned with their long term business strategy. There is clear evidence from both academic research and case studies of business best practice that organisations with strong [...]

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Targeted effective programmes Informed by Assess and Demonstrate we design targeted resilience training programs to achieve improved wellbeing and performance. We consult the research literature before we design any programs. We also use this scientific knowledge to guide our discussions with clients and advise them on achieving the best [...]

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To ensure clear organisational processes that support programmes are implemented To achieve effective outcomes, and ensure implementation of clear organisational processes to support our programs, Umbrella works at all levels of the organisation: Our directors work closely with senior teams to ensure programs meet strategic business goals [...]

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