Research shows a clear link between employee wellbeing and better engagement, creativity, talent retention and productivity. We help our clients put this research into practice for happier people and undeniable business results.

Here’s how we work:

We provide excellent, evidence-based interventions, informed by high-quality research. Where authoritative research is lacking, we use our experience to develop hypotheses and test these out. This model of thought leadership, quality control and continuous improvement allows us to be effective, innovative and brave. It also means our services are robust, consistent and responsive to our clients’ needs.

With our focus on creating sustainable business change and cultures of wellbeing within workplaces, our work is predominantly delivered with small groups of people to connect and learn together. We focus on understanding your business through our wellbeing assessments, working together with you on wellbeing strategies, building capability within your teams, and coaching on specific areas of need.


We partner with our clients to create strategies to enhance mental health and wellbeing at work. We help you design plans to identify and manage workplace stress factors to protect employee mental health and psychological safety.

Like you, we want to make a positive difference for your people. We understand the challenges of complex, high-pressured, rapidly changing workplaces. We work in partnership with you to identify your unique needs and design targeted solutions for individuals, leaders and organisation-wide.

This might include:

  • developing robust mental health and wellbeing at work strategies
  • creating effective workplace wellbeing programmes
  • navigating employee mental health
  • raising mental health awareness at work
  • drafting wellbeing policies and procedures
  • evaluating organisational change management strategies
  • identifying health and wellbeing responsibilities.
At Umbrella, we pride ourselves on keeping on top of the latest research when it comes to workplace wellbeing and mental health. Everything we do is evidence-based and informed by the latest insights from research conducted in New Zealand, and around the world.

Got a question?

We work with a range of individuals and teams from a diverse variety of organisations. Get in touch to see how we can help.


In your organisation, how do you know whether your employees are flourishing or languishing―or somewhere in-between? Plus what work and life factors (positive or negative) influence your employees’ health and wellbeing?

Is it enough to rely on managers to notice and identify signs of wellbeing or struggle?

Comprehensive and reliable data is key to ensuring that your wellbeing strategy improves outcomes for your people and your business.

The Umbrella Wellbeing Assessment provides individual wellbeing reports and resources for each employee who completes it. Organisations have access to an interactive dashboard and comprehensive wellbeing report with insights into the unique wellbeing opportunities for the organisation.

We’ve got your back

Our Wellbeing Assessment complements our other services so we can offer you the data, understanding, solutions and expertise that fit your business.


All our workshops are evidence-based and delivered by clinical psychologists. We ensure psychological safety whilst supporting organisations to improve awareness and management of mental wellbeing in the workplace.

Our resilience training provides the scaffolding and skills to help people manage life’s daily stressors, live well and enhance their performance.

In our rapidly changing world, organisations need employees who are agile and resilient, able to navigate change and handle disruptions.

Resilience skills go beyond “stress management” and help staff:

  • cope well during change
  • remain productive under pressure
  • bounce back from stress
  • manage uncertainty and transition
  • thrive on challenge
  • enhance a team commitment to building workplace wellbeing and resilience.


  • Resilience 90 min Overview (online or in-person)
  • Strengthening Resilience half-day workshop (online)
  • Comprehensive Strengthening Resilience full-day workshop (in-person)
  • e-Training option (please see e-Training below)
  • We also run resilience workshops at Victoria University Wellington.

Psychologically safe and healthy workplaces that enhance people’s mental wellbeing tend to also get better performance from their people and protect them from mental illness, such as depression at work.

Our training helps teams and leaders develop a shared framework and language for talking about mental health at work – one that is empowering and proactive rather than stigmatising and reactive.

Our mental health awareness training helps staff to:

  • better understand mental health and illness
  • know how to have supportive conversations with colleagues on sensitive topics such as depression at work
  • promote and protect mental wellbeing at work
  • enhance emotional, psychological, social and workplace wellbeing.


  • Mental Health Awareness 90 min Overview (online or in-person)
  • Understanding Mental Health in the Workplace for People Leaders half-day workshop (online)
  • Mental Health Awareness for All Staff full-day workshop (in-person)
  • Promoting Mental Health in the Workplace full-day workshop for People Leaders (in-person)
  • Mental Health Masterclass two-day workshop for People Leaders (in-person)

Creating High Performance Teams with Psychological Safety – half day workshop for People Leaders (in-person)


Our psychological safety in the workplace training helps people:

  • understand what psychological safety is and why it is so important
  • recognise what happens in your brain when you are not feeling psychologically safe
  • use insights from psychological research to review  the best ways you can boost psychological safety in the workplace through
    • emotion regulation skills
    • building trust
    • developing high quality connections
    • supportive leadership
    • values-driven behaviour
  • create an action plan to help you recognise the things you do well and pick up new helpful strategies.
Our popular Strengthening Resilience training is available as e-training, enabling people to cover the training modules at their own pace and as often as they like.

Resilience skills go beyond stress management techniques and help staff:

  • cope well during change
  • remain productive under pressure
  • bounce back from stress
  • manage uncertainty and transition
  • thrive on challenge
  • create a culture of wellbeing and resilience.

Ideal for:

  • geographically dispersed organisations
  • shift workers
  • remote workers
  • smaller organisations
  • refresher training.

Our resilience training is also available as in-person workshops.


Umbrella has developed a series of bite-sized sessions focused on wellbeing and mental health at work.

Overview topics include:

  • Strengthening resilience – an introduction
  • Thriving in the age of accelerations
  • Mental health awareness – an introduction
  • Flourishing, the power of positive psychology
  • Shifting the frantic
  • Building sustainable habits
  • Uncertain times and COVID-19 (available remotely).

These 90-minute face-to-face or online sessions have been developed in response to COVID-19. They’ve intentionally been designed to keep participants active and engaged and to provide people with practical wellbeing strategies for action in these uncertain times.

  • Growth through adversity
  • Leading your people to recover from the COVID Marathon
  • Recovering from the COVID Marathon
  • Strengthening Resilience During Uncertain Times
  • Leading Wellbeing During Uncertain Times

Businesses and teams have moved into dispersed teams and we have content designed specifically to connect in an online environment.

The following online training is available – via Zoom – in small group interactive sessions.

  • All “Wellbeing Support” overview sessions 
  • All “Uncertain times” overviews
  • Strengthening Resilience half-day workshop
  • Understanding Mental Health in the Workplace for People Leaders half-day workshop

Overview sessions are also available in webinar format for up to 100 people – please inquire.

Our coaching and development services help your leaders improve both their own and others’ wellbeing and performance. Our experienced clinical psychologists combine their wellbeing expertise and business nous to translate psychological knowledge into practical assistance that matches your people’s day-to-day reality.

Coaching is an effective tool to improve both wellbeing and performance.  Group discussions are tailored and designed to support individuals and the team to reflect on their work practices, in service of promoting wellbeing and preventing burnout.  This sessions are about taking care of yourself, and about becoming more self-aware and skilled.

We offer small group development discussion on focus areas that are key for you, such as:

  • improving leadership effectiveness
  • increasing engagement and satisfaction in a particular role
  • assisting high-performing individuals with isolated areas of difficulty
  • accelerating career or professional development
  • effectively managing complex teams or tricky personalities
  • safely implementing organisational change management
  • supporting employees with their mental wellbeing
  • dealing with difficult people at work
  • how to manage workplace stress
  • achieving work-life balance.

Not sure?

Want to find out which workshop meets the needs of your organisation and people? Contact us, we’re happy to talk through the options.

“Working with Umbrella has been a great experience. They’ve provided fantastic insights and help in shaping our wellbeing strategy. We now have a buttoned-up strategy that gives us clear direction and focus to execute.”

“We are so grateful for the responsive service you provide for our staff.”

“Everyone at Umbrella is excellent to deal with.”

“We have presented some unique situations that Umbrella has consistently been able to assist with.”

“Umbrella are always a delight to engage with, and having a team of Clinical Psychologists on hand to provide us with advice, support and training has made a huge impact on the wellbeing of our people.”


Do you want an inspirational speaker who will showcase fresh thinking alongside practical tips and solutions for improving employee wellbeing?

Mental health and wellbeing increasingly appear on conference agenda. Umbrella can deliver motivational and inspiring segments with plenty of practical tips and actionable ideas to take away, and a “common language” for further discussions about workplace wellbeing and mental health back at work.


“Her presentation was received well by the delegates.  She came across very knowledgeable and open, and the content was relevant and interesting.”

“Easy to understand and follow Gaynor’s presentation.”

“Great presenter, very down to earth and personable.”

“A well-presented and engaging overview.”

“I wish there had been more time. I believe that Gaynor has a lot to offer the community and businesses alike.”

“Gaynor was really engaging, stayed at the right ‘level’ of content.”

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