Three quick tips to help you with that work–life balancing act

For many of us, being able to take our work outside the office walls has provided very welcome freedom and flexibility.  However, to be able to get work done and be available, anywhere, anytime, can also lead to frustration and an increased blurring of that already fine line between our work and private lives.


Here are three quick tips to help maintain that balance:

  1. When sitting at the café, take some time to “smell the coffee” rather than answering those emails straight away. This will help focus your attention and provide a brief recovery.
  2. Likewise, if conducting business out of the office, make sure your attention is on the person you are meeting.  Remember multi-tasking is a myth. We only divide our attention between tasks, which can often lead to reduced productivity and procrastination. You may well miss that vital piece of information or look uninterested – all of which are poor work relationship strategies.
  3. Don’t take email to bed. Studies show that using smartphones in the bedroom can cause sleep problems, which leads to work problems.

Written by Karen