In our last blog we looked at some ideas for keeping ourselves physically healthy during these winter months. We also know that looking after our emotional and mental health is important, it’s easy to feel gloomier and find things more challenging when the weather is horrid and there’s not so much daylight.

What can help us maintain our sense of equilibrium and optimism?

  • Plan more activities that you enjoy and that lift your mood – ideally do at least one of these every day. Prioritise time to do something fun with a friend or your children, have lunch with a colleague who makes you laugh, rug up and go for a walk by the sea, or enjoy your favourite hobby.
  • Book some days off, or long weekends or a holiday. Use this time to recharge your batteries.
  • Try out some new hobbies or social activities – sign up for an evening class, learn a new language, plan a DIY project.
  • Practice gratitude – make a mental note or write down 3 things you are grateful for each day. Reflect on these and notice how you feel when you are being grateful. Gratitude is a powerful wellbeing booster at any time.
  • So too are acts of kindness – look out for ways you can do something kind for someone else. Set yourself a challenge to see if you can do one random act of kindness each day for a week. How does this make you feel?

We are keen to hear your ideas.

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