Online training is ideal for providing resilience training where teams are geographically dispersed or it is difficult to bring everyone together to complete training at the same time. Users cover the training modules at their own pace and as often as they like.
Eight training modules cover a different building block of resilience, shown below. Each module includes a downloadable action plan, which encourages users to personalise their learning and practise the resilience skills. The training can be accessed via our online learning platform or hosted on your organisation’s learning management system.

Understanding Stress and Resilience

Provides strategies from current research on ways to reduce stress and strengthen resilience.

Improving Physical Health

Set up and strengthen good habits for improving your physical health.

Realistic Optimism

Refine your skills for staying hopeful when things are hard.

Smart Thinking

How to maintain flexibility in your thinking and hold the big picture – even when you are under stress.

Improving Work Performance and Recovery

Boost your toolkit of strategies for improving your performance and recovering well from a busy workload.

Social Support

Giving and receiving support is a key resilience tool. Review your support networks and identify positive actions you can take to strengthen them.

Managing Emotion Under Pressure

Review the best tools for managing strong emotion under pressure and how to experience more positive emotion.

Tools for Improving Wellbeing

Tips and tricks for improving your wellbeing based on the science of positive psychology.

How can we help you?

Robust evidence from academic and business case studies link employee resilience and wellbeing with improved employee engagement, creativity and innovation, talent retention and organisational productivity.
We work where our clients are, and are happy to travel from our Wellington and Auckland offices. We design the most effective programs to demonstrate improved business outcomes for our clients.