Umbrella partners with senior teams wherever they are, so we travel within and outside of New Zealand to craft those factors known to make wellness programs and behaviour change effective in workplace organisations.

Business cases and empirical studies alike demonstrate a greater return on investment for organisations’ resilience and wellness programs where organisations:

  • Leader’s lead wellness and resilience
  • Culture, policies and procedures align with wellness goals
  • Target the right behaviours for their people with high quality interventions
  • Integrate resilience and wellness programs with no- and low-cost interventions
  • Create enduring relationships with expert advisors for specific programs and
  • Communicate with sensitivity and creativity.

• Partner with organisations to understand their needs
• Measure organisational wellness and resilience
• Strengthen what’s already working
• Advise on integration of wellness with other policies.

How can we help you?

Robust evidence from academic and business case studies link employee resilience and wellbeing with improved employee engagement, creativity and innovation, talent retention and organisational productivity.
We work where our clients are, and are happy to travel from our Wellington and Auckland offices. We design the most effective programs to demonstrate improved business outcomes for our clients.