Date: 5 MAY 2022
Time: 10:00 – 10:30AM

Dubbed by some as the “great hybrid return to work”, employers are facing a brand-new reckoning in 2022. In an environment where labour is tight, just how much can, or should, we prod employees to come back into the office if people aren’t budging? And how do you design a solution to meet the needs of many, after more than two years of work-from-home flexing where individual choice has reigned supreme?  

This reckoning isn’t isolated to Aotearoa New Zealand, with stories from around the world about workplaces that have fundamentally shifted, and the dawn of, what may well become, a work-from-home decade. They also paint a picture of a working world that will never return to the way that it was, and a new normal that is yet to be clearly defined. 

Join us on Thursday 5th May at 10:00 AM to hear clinical psychologist Dr Dougal Sutherland speak about the hybrid work dilemma, how we use it to help, not harm, employee wellbeing, and what our next normal might look like. Drawing on local and international research, and a long history of supporting organisations through change, we look forward to sharing tips for positive action during this return-to-office era.