Webinar and Q&A:
How to prevent toxic cultures in the workplace


Heard the old saw that one bad apple spoils the barrel? It applies to workplace cultures too.

Workplaces aren’t swamped with toxic leaders and most managers and executives are honest, caring people. But there are enough toxic leaders in the world to create a toxic environment, damage company reputations and produce real psychological harm.

While high profile toxic leaders like Harvey Weinstein or Travis Kalanick catch the eye, more worrying are managers who don’t – and whose behaviour is tolerated in too many workplaces.

In this webinar we discuss:

  • how to spot toxic leaders and the cultures they build,
  • what organisations should do to prevent toxic leadership in the first place,
  • psychological safety as a foundation for healthy /non-toxic organisational culture

Solutions for organisational leaders, and employees with toxic leaders


Dave Winsborough

Dave is the founder and Chairman of Winsborough Limited, NZ’s largest organisational psychology group. He is the author of two books and numerous scientific papers focussing on personality in the workplace. Winsborough are trusted advisers who deliver leadership assessment and development to companies in NZ and across the globe.

Gaynor Parkin

Gaynor is a clinical psychologist and Chief Executive at Umbrella Wellbeing. She has worked extensively with leaders over the last 30 years and has a particular interest in building cultures of psychological safety. Umbrella partners with organisations to provide mental health and workplace wellbeing support.

We’ll be joined by Jo Avenell, CEO of Russell McVeagh and Caroline Rieger, Founder, Director and Principal Lawyer at Black Door Law.

Prior to Russell McVeagh Jo held a variety of people roles with New Zealand Post), Westpac NZ and PwC. Her primary passion is on ensuring companies thrive and prosper through the strength of the culture, leadership and values that are embodied.

Caroline is an employment law expert and self-professed employment law geek.  She is passionate about how employment law can create workplaces that improve people’s lives both in and out of work. Prior to founding Black Door Law Caroline worked and led specialist employment law teams in national and global law firms.

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