Do you know if your employees are flourishing or languishing?

Healthy employees with robust wellbeing are more likely to be engaged and productive at work. The flip side is also true—when people experience poor health and wellbeing, so does their engagement and productivity, with a direct hit on the bottom line for the business.

Productivity losses from poor wellbeing occur via a combination of absenteeism (employees being absent from work), and presenteeism (employees present at work but working at a sub-optimal level—below 50% capacity).

In your organisation, how do you know:

  • If your employees are flourishing, or languishing? Or somewhere in between?
  • What workplace factors influence your employees’ health and wellbeing?

The Umbrella tool is designed to accurately assess staff wellbeing (including flourishing), to identify pressure points for staff, and assess the extent to which staff have the characteristics that help them to be resilient.

The content of the survey is modular, so some or all modules can be used with your organisation.  The main sections are –

  • Healthy behaviours and habits (e.g. exercise, diet and sleep)
  • Non-work stressors (e.g. financial, family and health)
  • Mental health/distress
  • Work hours and absenteeism
  • Work related factors impacting on wellbeing (e.g. team and manager support, work demands and control)
  • Individual resilience factors (e.g. emotional agility, support, mindset)
  • Organisational support for resilience
  • Assessment of individual wellbeing and flourishing

Individual reports are provided to every person. These are based on their individual responses and include links to follow up wellbeing resources.  We will provide an organisational report, again including recommendations for follow-up actions where indicated.


Contact Dr Jeremy Robertson to discuss using the tool

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