“I don’t want to just get by, I want to do better than that!!”

This reflection from one of Gaynor’s coaching clients “I don’t want to just get by, I want to do better than that” prompted her to write the book that started Umbrella. “I’ve had it up to here: from stress to strength” was published by Consumer NZ in 2008. Umbrella published the 2nd edition in 2011.

Improve physical health

Recognise signs of stress and build in recovery strategies

Crack the work-life balance equation

Take charge of negative thinking patterns

Boost flow, engagement and performance.

Our book is an ideal resource where employees are experiencing organisational change or as part of a wellness initiative.

“We provided a copy of this book for all our managers and for staff in teams most affected by (specific event). The feedback we received was positive – the book being easy to read, with quick tips easily accessible, and useful for coping with demanding work roles. Many people kept their copy on their desk and discussed some of the strategies in team meetings and other forums.”

“Practical and realistic, our people like it because they can get value from individual chapters and dip back into sections for reminders. I particularly like the emphasis on action plans and putting the skills into practice. I have used the tools in both my leadership and coaching roles.”

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