The Mindful Brain

Can mindfulness at work reduce accidents and improve safety? Consistent investigative research has shown that the human factors contributing to poor safety and accidents at work are: Distraction: which leads to inattention or attention to the wrong things or missing the most important information, Fatigue: with consequences of impaired judgment, slower reflexes, and inattention to [...]

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Practicing mindfulness at work

Some common barriers to productivity at work and practical mindfulness practices that can help: 1. Lack of concentration and focus Practice paying attention to a single object on your desk, notice every detail of it, the colour, the texture etc and describe them to yourself. This will help train your attention to a chosen focal [...]

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More reasons to prioritise our physical health and mindfulness

The impact of chronic stress (stress that is excessive and ongoing) has been recognised for some time. More recently, scientists have been uncovering new findings about the impact of chronic stress on the cellular signs of premature ageing and health risks. The focus of this work involves telomeres. These are the protective caps on the ends [...]

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