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In search of a good night’s sleep

Written by Jasmine Harding  We often take sleeping well for granted, until we start to have trouble sleeping. Whether short term or chronic, sleep difficulties can have a marked impact on our health, emotional stability, relationships, productivity and creativity. Insomnia can also be associated with psychological disorders such as anxiety, [...]

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Winter Wellbeing

This article by Umbrella’s Managing Director Jacqui Maguire was first published in The NZ Herald 20 May 2019.  As the wind hurls and rain splutters across my windows, reality strikes that winter is truly on its way. Long gone are my balmy strolls along a pohutukawa-lined coastline.  Hollywood has got an [...]

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We are shaped by our thoughts

“We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think”. Buddha It is well-known psychological knowledge that our thoughts have a wide sphere of influence. Thoughts hold the power to affect our mood, guide our behaviours and impact on our performance.  Yet, when you pause [...]

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Is perfectionism a problem?

Some topics in our work with clients seem to create hearty debate more so than others. One of these topics is perfectionism. As psychologists, we are wary of the negative impacts that holding overly high standards for oneself can have – unnecessary stress, depression, and even underperformance. However, for [...]

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