Gaynor Parkin

The verdict is in – our relationships make us happier and healthier

The latest science investigating the best way to improve long-term health is out, and it is good news – good relationships are the key driver for both our physical and mental wellbeing over our lifetimes. The data has come from the Harvard Study of Adult Development, the longest scientific [...]

2023-04-27T13:07:39+12:00February 27th, 2023|

Webinar and Q&A: Supporting wellbeing as a leader: research and practice

The last couple of years have been causing wave upon wave of operational, financial, contractual, logistic, cultural and people disruptions, impacting people’s health and wellbeing. Research tells us that prolonged stress and uncertainty leads to exhaustion, fatigue and burnout. NZ business leaders that we work with have reported that these [...]

2022-04-08T14:08:34+12:00April 8th, 2022|

How can workplaces better support their people?

Our people are our biggest asset.  This is true at all times. Intensifying this for employers at present, there is widespread recognition that finding good workers has never been harder, while talented people are resigning from jobs to seek more autonomy and latitude in their working lives.   How [...]

2022-04-11T10:54:19+12:00March 25th, 2022|