Faking it on the job – the cost of emotional labour

Maintaining a calm and pleasant demeanour with customers, clients and colleagues can be hard work, and at those times when we don’t feel calm and pleasant, it can be downright exhausting. For many of us, being able to maintain a level of control over who we interact with, and how [...]

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Wellbeing and engagement both enhance productivity

In our rapidly changing economic, political and social environment, organisations need to be more agile and innovative than ever before. We know that when employees are both engaged and thriving, they are more likely to be agile and resilient, able to navigate major organisational changes as well as disruptions in [...]

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Burnout is more than disengagement

http://www.hrdive.com/news/study-burnout-is-a-major-threat-to-employee-engagement/433822/ While this headline is accurate, and it’s good to see burnout recognised as a serious workplace concern, it feels important to acknowledge that burnout is so much more than a threat to employee engagement. Burnout disrupts job performance and engagement, but also people’s lives. Burnout can wreak havoc [...]

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Let’s start making sense of our emotions

How many emotional responses have you noticed so far today? Gratitude and love saying good bye to your family as you leave for work, or frustration as you are stuck in wet weather traffic?  Maybe anticipation for an enjoyable meal with friends this evening or anxiety that you have [...]

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