Sometimes life throws curve balls.  Those times when several particularly difficult things collide at the same time. Or you feel as though you are juggling many challenges, then something else occurs that’s hard too. It can feel like a real resilience test.

While there is no magic formula – do x and y and everything will be fine – there are some tricks to tackling hard times.  Scientific studies of resilience have also shown that it is possible to emerge stronger, happier and even “thriving” following those hard times.

In no particular order, these are some of the tricks:

Stay connected – talk with and spend quality time with the people who are most important to you.  Ask for their help and let them help.

Prioritise your health –  eat nutrient dense food, keep active and exercising, reduce alcohol and caffeine (your body doesn’t need more to do), and get good quality restorative sleep.

Plan experiences to look forward to –  include daily pleasurable events as well as things you can really look forward to.  Ask friends or family to help plan if it feels too hard.

Find ways of making life meaningful – this may seem odd advice, but it works. Consider how you can help other people, or participate in some form of community activity, or donate your time or money to a worthwhile cause.

Hold the big picture or focus down – looking ahead to a time in the future, or reminding yourself you will eventually look back on this hard time, can be helpful.  Conversely, focusing on a day at a time, or a few hours at a time, is a good strategy if the big picture feels overwhelming.

Seek help – sometimes our usual support network isn’t enough. Professional help via your company EAP is often available or talk with your GP about other resources, such as seeing a good psychologist.