We support organisations that are implementing strategies to reduce mental illness at work and to support employees who suffer from mental ill-health.  In our view, however, such initiatives are simply the starting point. Rather than a focus on risks, promoting positive mental health at work by implementing strategies to strengthen wellbeing and flourishing is an organisational imperative.

Organisations that enable the best from their employees, capitalise on optimal performance and promote employee strengths have a significant business advantage. The benefits of happy and healthy workplaces have been demonstrated across a range of settings. Internationally, the evidence suggests that a workforce that experiences positive states and positive psychological health contributes to the organisation’s bottom line through their high performance. Positive and high-functioning employees are also more likely to be self-motivated, persist in the face of challenge, go the extra mile in achieving organisational goals, and help their colleagues to achieve.  Studies have shown that where organisations demonstrate and communicate a commitment to employee mental health, they also tend to generate greater engagement from their workers as well as improvements in employee commitment and performance.

Earlier this year Superfriend provided some useful guidelines:


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