Mental Health at Work

Psychologically safe and healthy workplaces enhance people’s mental wellbeing and performance

Umbrella’s mental health training has been developed to help people identify signs of stress and distress in themselves and others. It supports team members to feel more confident talking about mental health at work and to raise concerns with colleagues they may be worried about.

Participants will learn how to: 

  • Increase their knowledge about mental health and mental illness, and gain a practical sense of how the two may present at work
  • Normalise and destigmatise the topic of mental health and mental illness
  • Recognise the factors that have an influence on mental health
  • Identify the causes of work-related stress and signs that stress has become something more serious 
  • Initiate and engage in compassionate conversations with colleagues they are concerned about 
  • Gauge their own wellbeing and learn strategies for improving it. 

Training options:

  • Mental Health Awareness:  full-day workshop for teams
  • Mental Health Masterclass: two-day workshop for people leaders
  • Promoting Mental Health in the Workplace: full-day workshop for people leaders
  • Understanding Mental Health in the Workplace: half-day workshop for people leaders
  • Mental Health Awareness: An introduction: 90 min session


Looking for workplace wellbeing support?