The New Zealand College of Clinical Psychologists (NZCCP)  is the one stop shop list of all clinical psychologists across New Zealand, where you can search by area of expertise, location and current availability: Click here

At Umbrella we work together with a network of Clinical Psychologists and we’re happy to share this list with you also if you’re interested.

When you’re thinking about the right type of support for you, here’s a helpful list of the different type of talking therapy options: Click here

There are times when the best support is 1:1 to focus on a specific area of need.  

1:1 psychological support helps individuals:

  • develop skills for stress management
  • cope better with organisational change
  • manage burnout, anxiety, mental illness or depression at work
  • recover from trauma or critical incidents
  • change unhelpful or addictive behaviour patterns
  • strengthen their mental wellbeing and personal resilience.

1:1 Psychological assessments utilises specialist clinical skills which can help:

  • identify concerns and understand what drives behaviour, including underlying personality aspects 
  • Provide support to managers of individuals facing challenges
  • compile comprehensive individual assessments and reports.

Confidential professional supervision provides the opportunity for those in challenging roles to:

  • review your work with an independent, confidential, highly trained professional
  • explore your feelings around the nature and content of your work (such as overwhelm, distress, frustration and anxiety)
  • identify and plan for self-care, including identifying barriers to wellbeing (e.g. perfectionistic standards)
  • receive objective feedback and guidance related to work issues/decisions
  • develop professional skills
  • obtain ideas and information related to competence, ethics, standards, etc.

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