Anga ora ahuareka (organisational wellness celebrations)

As clinical psychologists, our ears tingle when mental health services are in the news. In the last few months they’ve been in the media for all the wrong reasons. With mental health services in crisis and a rising incidence of anxiety and depression in New Zealand, the costs to organisations of employee ill-health are both a business and social imperative.

We know that mental ill-health is rife in New Zealand and is a significant cost to organisations through absenteeism, presenteeism and a loss in productivity. We also know that organisations can contribute to both employee illness and wellbeing. We work with so many organisations that are making wellbeing a priority – with good effect for their people and their bottom line. In line with Umbrella’s strengths-based kaupapa, we want to celebrate the amazing work and achievements of New Zealand businesses when it comes to enhancing the wellbeing of their people.

It’s our greatest hope that by sharing these stories, the hard work of those who have championed and shepherded courageous new ideas are acknowledged and celebrated, those grinding away to bring initiatives to life are encouraged, great ideas are copied and new ideas are inspired.

Employee wellbeing is achieved through an ongoing commitment, a way of being as an organisation – it’s not about one-off interventions. That’s why we want to share stories about getting started with new initiatives, as well as about keeping things going. So, don’t be shy and don’t wait until you’ve finished your project. We want to hear from you now about the things you and your organisation are doing. With your permission, we’ll celebrate your story in this newsletter, or you can be anonymous if you prefer.

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