Facilitator & Innovation Advisor

Registered Clinical Psychologist
MSc, PGDipClinPsyc, MNZCCP

Gary demonstrates a deep understanding of the challenges leaders face, and is committed to demonstrating the effectiveness of training, including validating ROI.

Gary also manages the development of measurement and assessment systems for Umbrella, in addition to facilitating training and providing individual coaching.

Gary’s professional history includes a 10-year career mostly in the UK financial and information technology sectors in senior business management roles. This experience in companies ranging from multinationals to start-ups informs Gary’s work with Leaders.

As a registered clinical psychologist with a specialist interest in wellbeing and positive performance, Gary has extensive experience providing individual coaching and facilitating training for a wide variety of teams across the public and private sector. His facilitation areas of expertise include resilience, positive leadership, productivity and performance, and leading high performing teams.

“Thank you for an engaging and clearly presented conversation.”

“Really impressed by the quality of the workshop, and the robustness of advice provided. Felt very secure in taking this information away and being confident that it will make a real positive impact.”

“Thanks to Gary for running a great session, he always checked in with us to check that we were all still on board, if we were going at a good pace etc. He really involved everyone in the conversations, communicates very well. He was awesome.”

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