Difficult conversations, challenging conversations, tricky communications—however you frame them, they are an important part of leadership. Successfully managing these conversations can be both time consuming and energy depleting.

We have developed and refined a new training programme designed to assist managers to have more effective conversations. Our goal is to strengthen both confidence and competence to have effective conversations, no matter what the topic.

  • Understand the body physiology, brain chemistry and psychology behind what makes people respond or behave in ways that are difficult.
  • Enhance your knowledge and practical skills to be able to manage conversations and interactions that are highly emotionally charged or difficult in some way.
  • Ensure you have a range of skills to respond appropriately and effectively with direct reports who are distressed, aggressive or showing inappropriate behaviour.
  • Build your strategies and confidence in delivering difficult messages, giving tough performance feedback, or addressing challenging behaviour.
  • Review the best strategies for maintaining strong relationships, especially where personality styles may be very different.
  • Maintain your own wellbeing and the wellbeing of the other person.