Clearly some of the externals are likely to be outside of your control – who you sit next to for example, and noise levels. But what can you control? Here are some ideas that you may find useful:

1. What cues or triggers help you to get started in the morning?

Do you have a ritual of writing to-do lists? Invest in a great pad and interesting pens. Or perhaps listening to the same piece of music (earphones on in case your colleagues hate it) acts as the kick-start for you. Whatever it is use it. If you don’t have a start trigger experiment with some and see which one (s) work best for you. It’s worth chatting to colleagues to get some good ideas.

2. What objects in your workspace remind you to stay calm?

Could be a photograph of someone or something that calms you, a pot plant or a particular screen saver. Again, if you don’t have a “stay calm” object remember to try some different ones out.

3. Similarly, what helps you keep the big picture of your life in perspective?

We know that staying connected to our strongest sense of meaning/purpose helps us hold on to a sense of perspective when things are stressful or difficult. This might be a photo of your family, or your favourite hobby, or a symbol of something that is important to you.

How have you created a great workplace? Let us know your ideas.