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Research Associate

PhD in Psychology from Victoria University of Wellington

Svetlana Elfimova from Umbrella

Ceara is a firm believer in the application of psychological research in producing real-world outcomes. “Psychology isn’t just for psychologists. I’m proud to work for an organisation that lives and breathes that ethos – translating positive psychological research into content that is both high quality and accessible.”

As a Research Associate at Umbrella, Ceara spends her days hunting down the latest findings in workplace wellbeing, mulling over academic research articles, and penning evidence-based content for the Umbrella website.

Armed with a doctorate in social cognitive psychology, a passion for science, and a daily cup of caffeine, Ceara’s work helps to build scientific rigour and a strong research base for Umbrella’s newest development projects and offerings.

Ceara joined the research team at Umbrella with a desire to do what she loves while making a concrete and positive difference in the world of mental health, wellbeing, and organisational outcomes.

“I tend to thrive when the people around me are thriving, and I love that my work at Umbrella is all about making this a reality for employees in workplaces across Aotearoa.”

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