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Research and Development Manager

BA, BSc(Hons), PhD (Psychology)

Amanda Wallis

Amanda assists with Umbrella’s research and development programme, drawing on experience with psychology research about behaviour change to manage Umbrella’s Wellbeing Assessments, identify patterns from our data, inform innovation strategy and development, and generate Umbrella research reports and articles.

Amanda works within the research and development team to ensure that Umbrella continues to provide evidence-based and methodologically rigorous assessments of wellbeing in the workplace. She uses her recent training in research methodology and psychology to offer fresh perspectives to our team. Umbrella believes in sharing and making our wellbeing insights accessible to New Zealanders. Amanda helps by translating our findings and current research into summaries that are easily digested by businesses, organisations, individuals, and industry experts.

Amanda graduated from Victoria University of Wellington with a PhD in Psychology, along with a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science (Honours). Amanda has tutored extensively and practised as a research assistant for multiple research networks. She has also worked in the public sector using her psychology background to improve organisational development practices. Her PhD research earned her a Fulbright Graduate Award which sent her to the USA as an ambassador of New Zealand while completing her doctoral studies. She is a member of the New Zealand Psychological Society.

Amanda’s experiences have made her passionate about improving research-to-practice pathways; allowing research to inform practice in a way that improves wellbeing for everyone. She is excited to apply her skills to further Umbrella’s efforts towards a New Zealand where our organisations and our people thrive.

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