As the annual leave form gets submitted, and there is an increase in TV ads promoting children’s games, it is easy to get caught up with thoughts and planning about Christmas, our holiday, the finances, and the general feeling that yet another year is over. I realised that in the last few weeks it has become harder to live in the present and that much of my time is spent looking in the future, and into 2018!

I am determined to not let the later part of this year just pass me by. In reality, there are still 58 days left until Christmas. That is 58 days in which I am publicly committing to be present for at least a small part of every day. It helps that it is summer – and I can ground myself (by using my senses: vision, hearing, smell and touch) whilst in my garden that seems to have sprung to life overnight.  The saying – to stop and smell the roses – is truly possible at this time of year.

I am dusting off my mindfulness app – and instead of using this form of recovery on a weekly basis – I am committing to a daily practice – even if that is just the 2 minutes ‘breathe’ exercise. For anyone who has used a mindfulness app, I’m sure you can appreciate the addictive quality of watching the increasing ‘Current Run Streak’ which records have many days in a row you have practiced your mindfulness.

And finally, I am working on writing more regularly in my Gratitude Journal. Some days this is a hard task, although thankfully I have come to learn that it is ok to acknowledge the small things. I love reading back on my old entries and seeing what a good life I have overall.

Will I be present every day until Christmas – 58 days straight? It’s hard to say – I feel determined, but I also know the literature about building new habits. I’m likely to have a lapse or a ‘slip’ along the way – we usually do – I also know what I tell myself is the most important part as to whether I keep going. So, if/when I lapse, I will tell myself that “I am doing the best I can at this extra busy time of the year, and I still have … days to practice.

What are you going to do to enjoy and be present in the next 58 days?

Written by Wendy