We are a team of psychologists, researchers and workplace wellbeing experts. Partnering with Aotearoa New Zealand organisations, we help to improve the mental health and resilience of your people.

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Use our mental health expertise and bi-cultural competence to enhance every level of your business


Get insights into your team’s psychological health. This evidence-based online survey will inform your wellbeing strategy, and provide your people with practical wellbeing resources.


Together we will design an inclusive workplace wellbeing strategy and review your current practices, with ongoing support from our team of organisational psychologists.


Equip your teams and leaders with skills and research-based strategies to spot signs of stress, look after their own and others’ mental health, and promote psychological safety.

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As psychologists and wellbeing experts, we are here to help you improve the work lives of your people. We collaborate with you to put high-quality research into practice, for a happier, more productive workplace.

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Breaking the silence: Men’s mental health in the workplace

While times are changing, it’s still all too rare to see men openly discussing mental health struggles, especially in the workplace. Men’s mental health issues are often referred to as the “silent epidemic”.

Is your drinking causing problems?

Let’s imagine a person named Jessie. Jessie has always enjoyed a few drinks, but recently seems to be turning to alcohol more and more often. Sometimes it’s out of boredom. Sometimes it’s out of stress.

The psychology of financial stress, and how we tackle it

We are reminded every day that we are living in less-than-ordinary financial times – if not by the state of our personal finances and worrying about how we will make ends meet, then simply by reading the news headlines.

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This book provides a fresh bi-cultural approach to New Zealanders’ wellbeing. Learn new bite-sized strategies for fostering personal, team and whānau wellbeing to make a ripple in your community.

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Dr Dougal Sutherland

On AIR: Newstalk ZB

Dougal Sutherland: Neurodiversity and ASD in the workplace

December 2nd, 2023

A few weeks ago we discussed ADHD in the workplace and how this is beginning to show up a lot in recent times. Following on from that, we are seeing a lot more people in the workplace with ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder).

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Dougal Sutherland: What is ADHD and what workplace support is available?

November 4th, 2023

What is ADHD? Why is it an issue in the workplace. How to support at work.

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Dougal Sutherland: What do we mean when we say “wellbeing”?

September 9th, 2023

It’s important to know what you mean so you’re clear on what you’re aiming for. Wellbeing could be defined in at least one of 3 ways…

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