Navigating workload and wellbeing in Aotearoa New Zealand

Umbrella Wellbeing Report | May 2023

Numbers and data can help us tell a story. In this report we use Umbrella Wellbeing Assessment data to tell a story about how New Zealanders perceive their workload and the impact overwork, and underwork, can have on individual and workplace wellbeing. We also use the numbers to explain how decision-makers and business leaders can manage workload to create mentally healthy and high-performing workplaces.

Boosting wellbeing in remote teams

This report is a snapshot of how working Kiwis perceive their workload, with insights for organisations to create healthy workplaces that promote wellbeing.

Data from more than 7,000 New Zealanders reveals that 43% of  people have to neglect some of their work tasks because they have too much to do.

So, what does this number mean for business leaders and decision-makers?

About the data

Research findings are based on survey data collected during 2022 from working New Zealanders (N=7597) in a variety of organisations and industries (e.g., healthcare, utilities, construction and manufacturing, administration and retail).

Do you want to know what affects your people’s wellbeing?

New study reveals Kiwis feel under immense pressure to work long hours

May 29th, 2023

A new study has revealed some Kiwis feel under immense pressure to work long hours and many are so swamped with work they can’t complete all their tasks.

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New Study Reveals Kiwis Under High Levels Of Pressure To Work Long Hours

May 29th, 2023

A study of more than 1000 New Zealanders has implications for the reputations of organisations currently assessing how, where and when their employees should be working, and for attracting new employees.

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Overworked employees face higher risks of stroke, heart disease: report

May 31st, 2023

Many Kiwi workers are being pressured to work extended hours. That’s according to a survey from Umbrella Wellbeing of over 7,000 New Zealand-based workers that revealed 14% feel pressured to work long hours at work.

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Radio NZ

The dilemma of switching off from work outside of hours

May 30th, 2023

Have you ever turned your mobile to flight mode on days off to avoid work calls? What about the dilemma of emails dive bombing your inbox after hours?

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