As shown by organisational research, great strategies rely on data. Our Umbrella Wellbeing Assessment tool provides data to inform your decisions to best support the wellbeing of your people.

Wellbeing data

Get reliable data and insights by measuring your people’s wellbeing in just 15 minutes. Discover the factors that are influencing their psychological health and performance.

Individual report

Each person receives instant feedback on how they are doing and access to our curated psychological resource library.

Organisational report

Receive expert analysis and insights into unique opportunities to increase your people’s wellbeing. Senior leaders gain recommendations and data from our psychologists to underpin a support strategy.

Benefits for organisations

Retain top talent, increase productivity, and promote healthy, fulfilling lives.

About privacy

We take people’s privacy seriously. Data is collected under the NZ Privacy Act 2020. Umbrella keeps individuals’ responses confidential and does not share them with the employer (or anyone else).

“Through the Umbrella Wellbeing Assessment we were able to understand our organisation better and developed a programme to suit our needs … We’ve made it safe to talk about mental health. It’s been an invaluable investment in our organisation and our people.”Southern Cross Health Society 

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