Using data collected from our Umbrella Wellbeing Assessment, and the latest peer-reviewed research, we lead the conversation about workplace wellbeing.

Research 2022

In partnership with Auckland University of Technology we explored the linkages between job demands, resources, wellbeing, and turnover intentions. 

Research 2021

In partnership with Victoria University of Wellington we explored the linkages between leadership status, wellbeing, and psychological distress. 

Research 2020

Across nine research papers we offer a unique insight into the psychological health of working New Zealanders, including their resilience, key challenges, and work-life balance.

Meet our research team

Our team of researchers are trained in psychological science and passionate about using data to create mentally healthy workplaces. 

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Note: Wellbeing Assessment data is collected under the relevant privacy legislation. The individual’s data is held by Umbrella and is not shared with the client organisation (or anyone else). You can review our Privacy Statement here