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It’s the journey, not the destination: How metaphor drives growth after goal attainment

We are all familiar with the experience of setting ourselves goals — to pass an exam, run a marathon, lose weight or get promoted at work.  Achieving the goal can be a tough process, but maintaining the goal or the change in behaviour into the future can be even more difficult. Ask anyone who has regained [...]

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How to create real impact from your wellbeing programme

These ideas were originally presented at The Corporate Health and Wellbeing Summit in Auckland March 2019 by our CE Gaynor Parkin A truly successful wellbeing strategy and culture requires engagement from everyone within the organisation. Whether you sit at board level or on the front line, your need to feel safe and supported at [...]

2019-10-29T16:38:24+13:00June 27th, 2019|

Living life with purpose

During a month that has brought terror and disbelief to our peaceful shores, we have also witnessed an outpouring of compassion, care, love and determination to change. First responders, members of parliament and local council, religious leaders and community members were all fuelled by their purpose. Living a purposeful and meaningful life is closely [...]

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Can I change my personality?

A question we often get asked is whether it is possible to actually change one’s personality. This question has interested psychologists for decades, with recent research showing that we are able to shape our personality more than previously thought. Nature or nurture? Our personalities are shaped in part by our genetics – the “nature” [...]

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