employee mental health

Finding the line

How do you know if the stress you are experiencing is “normal” or something more serious that you want to pay more attention to? A good rule of thumb is when the stress has been going on for too long, when there hasn’t been enough opportunity for recovery, and/or when the stress is interfering [...]

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Vicarious trauma: a workplace factor that can impact on employee wellbeing

Regular exposure to suffering, hardship or crisis can take its toll on all of us. Whether you’re a firefighter, caregiver, nurse, policy advisor, climate change activist, paramedic, case worker or lawyer, many frontline and helping professions are exposed to some level of trauma – homelessness, child abuse, domestic violence, community tragedies, natural disasters or [...]

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Leading wellbeing in virtual teams

By Stephen Kearney Virtual teams are increasingly common, particularly for knowledge work, and can enable access to team members with a broader range of skills or allow people to work from home. Virtual teams bring a range of challenges, and wellbeing is an often overlooked one. Oftentimes, wellbeing is one of the reasons the [...]

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How do we spot “languishing” and support people sooner to flourish?

Written by Alannah Casey  Given our area of work, we often meet and support people who are really struggling in their lives, yet do not meet criteria for a mental illness such as depression. Despite the absence of a diagnosis, these individuals don’t experience life as fulfilling, satisfying or even enjoyable most of the [...]

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